Complete event Package

Zombie Horror: Volume 1

Complete Zombie Horror Package

What is Zombie Horror: Volume 1?

Zombie Horror: Volume 1 is a live action Shoot ’em Up horror experience with an exciting storyline that will immerse you into the post-apocalyptic setting. This event aims to be the scariest horror experience in the U.K. So scary that we need participants to sign a disclaimer before they can take part. Everything you need to run this event is included in this package!

Immersive script

Professionally written script by our experienced scriptwriting team, this event has been tried and tested to be an deeply immersive and terrifying experience!


Included in the package are fantastic images and promotional video that will captivate your customers and create a unique buzz around your business.

Stimulating Multimedia

Boost your customer experience with immense multimedia including a realistic radio transmission to draw out their imagination.

Actor Documentation

Fantastic actor documentation that will guarantee the best staff for your event. Auditions, application forms and actor scripts, and more!

What is the Storyline?

You have been hand-picked to assist Commander Collins who is a first responder with the United Kingdom’s Zombie task force.  We have had radio transmission that Dr McPherson has formulated a cure for the virus but has become trapped by Zombies in his lab.  We have traced Dr McPherson’s location to the North East of the compound.  Your mission is to escort Dr McPherson to safety and retrieve the antidote.


Our zombie event generated just over £16,000 in profit for only 4 nights work, but the best part is that our arena has grown by around 40% YOY since we ran this event. Can't wait for the next volume!
Jason McDonald
Dogs of War Airsoft