Zombie Event near South Lanarkshire

Exciting News! Gorilla Complete Events are bring their previously sold-out Zombie event close to South Lanarkshire in October 2021. This Halloween you can take part in the most unique, exciting, and unrivaled zombie scare experience in a soft play arena, BUILT FOR ADULTS!

Battle your way through an assault course of tight turns and crawlspaces, tunnels, obstacles and so much more with the Zombie Horror 2021 event in North Lanarkshire!

What is the Storyline?

In the year 2021, Glasgow and the surrounding areas are scary barren wastelands completely overrun by the undead. The United Kingdom Zombie Task Force has been operating all over the country trying to eliminate zombies from the safe zones that survivors have sought refuge. Their main focus is to locate, and rescue sought-after scientists and ingredients/equipment that will help to find a cure for this virus.

Unfortunately, as time has been ticking away, members of the task force have been dropping like flies and there aren’t enough skilled professionals to take their place. This is why the new Zombie Task Force training facility has launched. Do you think you have what it takes to complete the assault course while being hunted by zombies? If you think you have what it takes to tackle the Zombie run, Glasgow, be my guest! The Zombie arena is 3 levels of intense zombie action. Can you make it through the obstacles, tunnels, and crawlspaces to escape the live zombies?

On completion of the training, you will become a qualified member of the United Kingdom Zombie Task Force! 

What can I expect?

This event is being held in a MASSIVE three leveled soft play arena BUILT FOR ADULTS! There are tunnels, obstacles, crawlspaces, rope bridges, live zombies and SO MUCH MORE!

The event is expected to be very popular so please make sure you secure your tickets early before they sell out! Click here for more details.

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