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Zombie Escape 2021

We’re back with our previously sold-out event ‘Zombie Escape’ and this time we have stepped it up a notch! This event will be running on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of October 2021 at Combat City in Cambuslang (Scotkart building).

Zombie Escape is the most terrifyingly fun zombie experience in the UK! This event is being held in a completely unique laser tag arena that is a hybrid of indoor and outdoor fun!

What’s the Storyline?

In the year 2021, Glasgow and the surrounding areas are scary barren wastelands completely overrun by the undead. The United Kingdom Zombie Task Force has been operating all over the country trying to eliminate zombies from the safe zones that survivors have sought refuge. Their main focus is to locate, and rescue sought-after scientists and ingredients/equipment that will help to find a cure for this virus.

Unfortunately, as time has been ticking away, members of the task force have been dropping like flies and there aren’t enough skilled professionals to take their place. This is why the new Zombie Task Force training program has been launched.

Intel has it that there is a cure in the Military Base in Cambuslang that Dr. McPherson has finally perfected. Do you think you have what it takes to complete this mission while being hunted by Live zombies?

On completion of this mission, you will become a qualified member of the United Kingdom Zombie Task Force! 

What should I expect?

This event is being held in a MASSIVE hybrid indoor/outdoor hybrid arena! There are obstacles, tight spaces, crawlspaces, live zombies and SO MUCH MORE!

The event is expected to be very popular so please make sure you secure your tickets early before they sell out!

Where is this event being held?

The location for this next event is at Combat City in Cambuslang Click here for directions.

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FAQ – Zombie Horror 2021

This event is recommended for ages 12+ due to the jump scares, however, if your child is under 12 and you think they would love the experience too, then that is no problem!
There is no weight or height limit for this event. One of our test 'subjects' that has gone through the arena is 6ft 4 and weighs 20 stone. They were able to get through the arena with no problems at all!
The experience requires crawling, uneven surfaces and some residue that may transfer onto your clothing, it is recommended to wear comfy clothing that you can move around in and don't mind the possibility of staining as well as suitable footwear like trainers. No high heels!
Participants with a medical condition or disability which might make it unsafe for yourself and others must not take part in the experience. This includes, but is not limited to Epilepsy, Fits, Recurrent blackouts, fainting spells or giddiness, any form of psychiatric or mental illness.
All participants must take part in a safety briefing prior to entering the arena. Failure to follow the rules outlined in the terms and conditions and safety briefing will result in you being removed from the experience with no refund. The rules are in place to ensure the safety of both yourself, other participants in the arena as well as staff.
All payments made are non-refundable, but if we can accommodate another time, we would be more than happy to swap your time to suit you as long as you give us more than 72 hours' notice.
In the event that our event is cancelled as a result of Covid, we will be able to offer you a full refund or you can keep your reservations for the rescheduled event!
Unfortunately not! Participants who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to take part in the event.
Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any specific length in the experience as each group will be different depending on how brave your group is and how quickly you advance each of your areas. Previously the experience has lasted between 10-20 minutes in the arena.