Zombie Escape Bristol

Since the success of our previous two Zombie Escape Events in Glasgow, we are now bringing the Live-Action horror experience ‘Zombie Escape’ to Bristol, inside a fantastic indoor arena, that is designed to terrify everyone involved!

This live-action zombie horror experience incorporates a frightful maze that exploits your senses, throws you into an intense atmosphere, and torments you with mind games that will give you a scare that you will be talking about all year!

During the event, you will be subjected to a horde or live actor zombies, tight spaces and turns, crawlspaces, atmospheric audio, mind games and so much more! (Don’t forget the disclaimer before you are allowed to set foot in the arena). Most other horror attractions only provide some jump scares, but at Zombie Escape, we don’t want to scare you, we aim to terrify your very being!

The Event that had run in 2021 had caused 5 ‘bladder-related’ incidents and a fair amount of tears!

What’s the Storyline?

In the year 2021, Glasgow and the surrounding areas are scary barren wastelands completely overrun by the undead. The United Kingdom Zombie Task Force has been operating all over the country trying to eliminate zombies from the safe zones that survivors have sought refuge. Their main focus is to locate, and rescue sought-after scientists and ingredients/equipment that will help to find a cure for this virus.

Unfortunately, as time has been ticking away, members of the task force have been dropping like flies and there aren’t enough skilled professionals to take their place. This is why the new Zombie Task Force training program has been launched.

Intel has it that there is a cure in the Military Base in Cambuslang that Dr. McPherson has finally perfected. Do you think you have what it takes to complete this mission while being hunted by Live zombies?

On completion of this mission, you will become a qualified member of the United Kingdom Zombie Task Force! 

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Here is a video from our 2021 event that was in the large indoor/outdoor hybrid arena in Glasgow!