Welcome to Gorilla Complete Events, home of the UK’s most unique and immersive events in the UK. One of our most popular events to date has been our Zombie event in Glasgow called ‘Zombie Escape’ that was held in Cambuslang in 2017, which completely sold out within days of release! You can view some of the photos from this event here.

We have just secured our next location for our next Zombie Horror 2021 event that will be held at Combat City in Cambuslang and will be the most incredible zombie experience ever! Don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list so that you get first dibs at buying tickets (they sold out VERY quickly last time!)

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Our events are run in and around Glasgow at the moment, but make sure to check back in the future to take part in one of our touring events up and down the country.

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Zombie Escape Glasgow 2021-2022

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Zombie Horror: Volume 1